LIFE SKILLS is a highly educational product line, which is based on in-depth child psychology research. In particular, each LIFE SKILLS product is based on the development of one of the ten abilities, with the aim of unlocking all a child’s potential.

Life Skills:

better and happier children

What are Life Skills?

Life Skills are those personal and interpersonal skills that every child should develop in order to live a good quality life and to unlock his potential, so as to become as he grows, a better and happier person.

Where were they conceived?

Life Skills are enumerated and categorised by the World Health Organisation. There are ten of them in all and we express them in a coloured tree that represent growth and life.

Who are the Life Skills games aimed at?

Life Skills is a product line that children can play with autonomously, but which also allows for sharing stimulating and quality skills time as a family. To strengthen the development of Life Skills, each game, in addition to providing detailed instructions, comes with some suggestions for parents to help them enrich their relationship with their children, and have fun at the same time!

The life skills games are valid professional tools for educators, teachers, speech therapists, educationalists, psychologists and all other specialists who take care of children.

Within the LIFE SKILLS there is a subgroup, which is that of MIND SKILLS: a collection of board games that put specific skills to the test, following a simple and fun game format.