games for your life

What is KidsLove?

KIDSLOVE is a new, globally unique company that develops psychoeducational games.
This SPECIAL COMPANY was born from the educational knowledge of the Lisciani Group and develops this knowledge in a personal and particular way, with the intention of taking it elsewhere.

Where? Beyond all boundaries!

Kids Love games for your life

We create games whose objective is
the psychoeducational development of children

Games which educate children to live their lives better, games that scientifically know how to help children face their fears, but also how to manage their emotions, their feelings… in other words, games that help reach CHILDREN’S HAPPINESS… which is why KIDSLOVE is all about GAMES FOR LIFE.



The innovative approach of KIDS LOVE takes into consideration not only pedagogy but also:

• Psychology • Sociology
• Childhood anthropology

Traditional educational games are designed to teach basic competences, whilst the aim of a psychoeducational game is the IMPROVEMENT OF PROBLEM-SOLVING SKILLS in relation to every aspect of the PSYCHO-EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT OF THE INDIVIDUAL.

KIDSLOVE TEACHES CHILDREN TO FACE THEIR FEARS, to face what represents an SEMOTIONAL OBSTACLE. for them. It teaches children to face defeat, the delicate CHILDHOOOD, self/other relationship, which is decisive for the future balance of the individual.

games can therefore be defined as TO FACE GAME
precisely for this reason.